On September 27, the Government of Dagestan and NovaWind (ROSATOM’s wind power division) signed a cooperation agreement in wind power development.
The document was signed by Grigoriy Nazarov, CEO of NovaWind, and Sergey Melikov, Head of the Republic of Dagestan.

The agreement provides for the development of renewable energy sources in Dagestan and cooperation in delivering wind power projects with an aggregate capacity of up to 315 MW.

“This cooperation agreement opens up new prospects for the delivery of wind power projects. We have extensive expertise in the construction and operation of wind farms. Our wind power plants generate electricity in three regions of Southern Russia. Construction of wind farms in the Republic of Dagestan will improve the quality and reliability of power supply in the region and make a sizeable contribution to the carbon neutrality goals in Russia. I hope our cooperation will be effective,” Grigoriy Nazarov said.

“Dagestan has enormous potential in terms of power generation. We put much effort into developing solar power and have launched a number of major projects in this field. We are familiar with the work NovaWind does in other regions, particularly in Adygea and Stavropol Krai. The partnership with such a prominent company will help us to take full advantage of our natural resources for the good of Dagestan and local communities. I am confident that large-scale wind power projects in Dagestan will reduce power shortage, increase regional tax revenues and create new jobs,” Sergey Melikov commented on the event.

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NovaWind is a wind power division of the Russian nuclear corporation ROSATOM. Established in September 2017, the company accumulates ROSATOM’s competencies in wind power generation, from design and construction to mechanical engineering and operation of wind farms. As of today, NovaWind has commissioned 720 MW of wind power capacity. By 2027, ROSATOM will put a total of about 1.7 GW of wind capacity in operation.
Source: Press service of NovaWind
ROSATOM’s NovaWind and Dagestan Government Sign Deal to Cooperate in Wind Power Development
ROSATOM’s NovaWind and Dagestan Government Sign Deal to Cooperate in Wind Power Development